Where are you located?
Stone Lodge 66km from Tema and 5km off the Tema-Akosombo road towards Asutsuare township.

What is the estimated time of travel?
It is roughly an hour’s drive from Tema to Stone Lodge. However, travel time is greatly affected the traffic situation at the time of your travel.

How do I get to Stone Lodge?
The three main modes of transportation are either traveling via your own vehicle, taxi/ car service, or commercial bus/ Trotro.

Driving or taking Uber?
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Taking a commercial bus or Trotro?

  • From where you are, board a car to Tema Roundabout. Alight or walk to the bus station near the Total Filling Station.
  • From there, board a bus heading towards either Kpong, Akuse or Akosombo and inform the conductor that you’ll alight at the Asutsuare Junction.
  • There are taxis and okadas the junction that can bring you to Stone Lodge. All fares are determined by the driver or rider.

Is it safe from creatures?
We reside in untamed nature and we do our best to keep unwelcomed animals out but if you see a gecko or two lurking around your room, don’t be alarmed – they are actually doing a lot of good for you and the ecosystem . Just remember to keep your doors closed behind you.


Do you have an in-house restaurant?
Yes, we have a restauarant that serves local and continental dishes. Please see our catalogue for our food and drink menu.

What is your meal prep time?
All our food is prepared from scratch and therefore takes at least 45 minutes to get ready. We always recommend placing orders well in advance.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?
It is strongly advised that all food and drinks be purchased from our facility. In the event where this doesn’t apply, guests will be charged from GHS 40.00 per person to consume their own food at selected areas.
While still not encouraged, residents can bring their own food but may only consume it inside of their respective rooms at no charge. In any case, our kitchen does not warm or store food not purchased from our facility.

What time does your kitchen open?
We start taking meal and drink orders from 7:30am each day. For residents, breakfast orders are usually taken the night before and served at a time of their choosing. Last call for meal orders is 6:00pm each day.


Which cell service works best at Stone Lodge?
Due to our location, cell service may go as low as below satisfactory. That said, MTN and Vodafone are the most reliable options available at vantage areas.

Do you have WiFi?
Yes, we have WiFi connectivity at designated areas around the lodge. Please note that due to our location, we may experience interruptions from time to time.

Can I bring my personal router to use?
Most routers or MiFis depend heavily on cell service to operate so while you are free to bring your own, we find it may be unnecessary as cell service is not at the level that’ll make your MiFi useful.

Do you have phones in your rooms?
No, we do not. Guests may walk out to our front desk when need arises. Alternatively, you may call or WhatsApp for assistance.

We encourage guests to consider their time at Stone Lodge as an opportunity to disconnect/unplug and explore the beauty of being in nature at the countryside. We have created an environment especially for rest and rejuvenation. It is our hope that our guests use this time to de-stress their minds and enjoy some alone time in their own company or that of friends and loved ones without the distraction of work or social media.


Do you allow photo/video shoots at Stone Lodge?
Yes, we allow professional photo and video shoots at our facility. Please talk to us to determine which time would be most appropriate to use. Minimum charge for use is GHS 100.00 per hour.

Do you host weddings?
Yes, we do host weddings and other gatherings. Our recreational park alone can accommodate comfortably over 300 people at a time. Please speak with us about your private events for affordable quotations.

Can I bring my tent to camp?
We currently do not offer any tent camping services. However, in-house only guests are free to bring their own tents for recreational use. Please find out from our reception which areas would be best suited to set up.

Do you allow picnics?
Stone Lodge offers a private picnic service for up to four people at a charge. Please message us about our rates.

Do you have any honeymoon packages?
We do not have any honeymoon packages available just yet. Our current room rates apply to all our incoming guests. We’ll be sure to keep you inform once we introduce new packages.


Stone Lodge is located off the Tema-Akosombo road towards the Asutsuare town
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